Assistance with Blog Posts

The copywriter we have previously been working with has moved home so we’re looking to find someone new to work with. We are a startup with a product that we are aiming to launch in early 2021, however, we are going to start to build our online presence now. We have somewhat of a “voice” and brand we are looking to align with and it would be great if you had prior knowledge of the recruitment industry. I have put together a number of blogs and need someone to sanity check them, ensure they are grammatically correct, and are enticing and easy to read. There are 5 blogs in total, all CIRCA 1000 words in length. All going well with these initial blogs, it would be great to work with someone on future content, where I can create the bulk of the content and you could make sure it is articulated correctly. Type of copywriting: Blog post
Length of copy / word count: Medium / 500 words
Subject: Recruitment
Knowledge of subject: Yes, but just an interest is fine
Language(s): English
Language level: Native (first language)
Delivery date: 14/11/2020

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