Data scraping/mining from a closed system

We are a motor vehicle parts distributor using a MySQL database of up to 400,000 products. The database contains vehicle part numbers, equivalent alternative parts, relevant vehicles, their chassis numbers, and product drawings. We use this database to answer queries from our customers, who give us either a part number, chassis number or UK vehicle registration number, from which we can then confirm the part they need. All of the data is held on a closed system. We are looking for a data scraping/data mining expert, with outstanding coding knowledge, who can extract the data (probably into Excel?) so that we can then organise it for use on our web site. We want the data to be extracted in such a way that we can pull out all the products, and maintain/show all the relationships between different products and vehicles and details and images. To access the data you will need either to decompile some of the code, or write a script to manually crawl the software. the data provided must be supplied in a useable format

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