Expert Children’s Book illustrator (STILL looking)

Inviting all enthusiastic artists: Who I am looking for: Someone who is creative and passionate in creating beautiful, cute characters, story illustrations and artistic artifacts. What I have is an interesting story and I am looking for someone to bring it to life. What I need from those interested: You must be an illustration artist with solid samples of work. Here is a breakdown of what I would love hear from you: 1- Include sample work, especially if you have sample work of animal characters and children’s stories. 2- Tell me about your approach: the steps that you will take once you take on the job. 3- Tell me about your thought process: where will you start with this project, your availability, and your style
4- Any other information including other children’s books that you’ve done (if any) Please try to send your samples as files. It is hard to fish for relevant samples.

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